Thursday, April 30, 2009


In the beginning we all believed the chupacabra was out there. As we researched we started to realize that there wasn't any evidence to prove the chupacabra's existence. We think that people keep making claims because of what they see on the media. Most of us said that we believed the chupacabra to be some kind of hairless dog/coyote but when the media started playing it up to be some kind of alien looking creature it seemed not so credible. We think that this legend will probably continue because people are always going to make claims.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Happened to the Chupacabra?

According to the Chupacabra has completely vanished. Many paranormal creatures are still being seen such as Bigfoot and Loch Ness. The chupacabra has stopped being seen within the past couple years. OFTM gives theories of how the Chupacabra may have disappeared. They say that maybe the government finally recaptured there cloned creature or maybe aliens came down to re-capture their biological weapon. Or were the people involved in seeing and hunting Goatsucker tired of carrying on the hoax?

Human's Gullibility. UFO's and Chupacabra Related?

From most of the cites I have researched I have found that there is never any skepticism to whether the chupacabra is a myth, the skepticism is always towards why the chupacabra is real. Most cites are trying to prove that the chupacabra is real.
A recent cite stated that the Chupacabra is probably a government experiment towards the creating of a new species. This makes the government sound corrupt.

"Nilo recalled that a resident of La Palmilla is devoted to looking for water to build wells and tanks. He used his tools in one of the chicken coops where the creature or animal attacked the hens and found that the tools had acquired radiation and a strange energy."

"We believe it’s an extraterrestrial pet, a programmed being, a hybrid or cloned species designed to extract bodily fluids or liquids from the birds in order to feed itself, or with another purpose altogether. It is associated to the UFO phenomenon and is very intelligent. For this reason it will not be captured," he added.

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Cryptozoology is the study of animals that are assumed to exist. The hard evidence is missing to prove their existence. Cryptozoologists think that people should be open to the possibility that many more animals do exist and we just have't found them all yet. The creatures that the cryptozoologists study or try to prove they exist are called cryptids. The chupacabra is considered a cryptid. People claim that they have encountered a chupacabra, but the hard evidence proving these claims is just not there.

Chupacabra Movies

There were two movies made about the Chupacabra, one in 2003, called ‘El Chupacabra’ and another one in 2005, called ‘Chupacabra Terror’. In first movie made ‘El Chupacabra’ the Chupacabra is set loose in LA, and money is rewarded to the person who get’s it Dead or Alive. In the second movie made ‘Chupacabra Terror’ the creator is smuggled onto a cruise boat which goes from the Caribbean to the United States. The Chupacabra get’s out of his cage and kills the passengers one after another.
In both movies, the Chupacabra does not kill and suck out animals, its main attraction are humans. It also does not look like a dog/coyote at all; it looks more like a human/alien/zombie/coyote that walks on two feet.

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The Moca Vampire

In 1975 there was a wave of UFO sightings across Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean region. Coincidently during that time period, a large number of Puerto Rican farmers reported unexplained animal killings. The victims included everything from ducks to cows, and goats. The animals had been cut open and their blood sucked out of according to the witness reports. The very first reports of this strange happening came from a town called Moca. Because of that, they called it the Moca Vampire, in Spanish “El Vampire de Moco”. Explanation vary, everything from alien mutation of cattle to escaped crocodiles were mentioned. No matter what it was, after the UFO flap died out, the animal did as well.
After no cases of that kind occurred for a while, in the early 1900s the cattle massacre began in Puerto Rico. But since there was no UFO explanation for it, there was no easy clarification for the case. That’s when the era of the Chupacabra began.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chupacabra Powers

Chupacabra's are said to be able to change colors like a chamaleon. Also they can fly or leap over twenty feet according to some witnesses. Apparently they swoop down from trees and catch small prey. Chupacabra's have red eyes. In some reports they claim that their red eyes have the ability to hyponotize and paralyze their prey. Chupacabra's have been compaired to vampires because they are blood suckers. They are also said to be intelligent because of their skill to be undetectable.